BlockSec Documents

Enhanced Address Labels and Signature Parsing

MeatDock identifies deposit addresses of CEXs, scammer and hacker addresses, and other addresses we collected and verified (especially those not tagged by the blockchain explorers). It helps users better understand the participants of transactions and track the flow of funds. and top EVM-compatible blockchains are supported.

CEX Deposit Addresses

MetaDock identifies several addresses on as Binance Wallets which make more sense for users.

Other Address Labels

MetaDock also provides additional labels on *scan and replaces some addresses with meaningful name tags. Try these addresses: 1 2
Note that, MetaDock does not collect and upload users' customized tags.

Function Signatures

MetaDock provides a more comprehensive function signature library to complement the *scan's signature parsing.
For example, MetaDock replaces the function signature0x13d79a0b with settle, which makes more sense to the user.