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Getting Started

Powerful Transaction Explorer Designed For DeFi Community
Phalcon is a powerful transaction explorer, which helps users analyse transactions thoroughly and insightfully by providing comprehensive information and intuitive invocation flow, as well as simulation function.

Basic Info

When you input the transaction hash and enter, you could see "Basic Info" panel that covers all what blockchain explorer provides about this transaction, such as "Timestamp", "Sender", "Receiver" and "Input Data"etc.

Balance Changes

In the "Balance Changes" Panel, a list of involved addresses with their balance changes is shown, which allows users to get a comprehensive overview of profits and losses.
*Native token, erc20 token are supported.

Invocation Flow

"Invocation Flow" visualizes function invocation flow with trace-level information and event logs. Users can search invocations related to specific address or function signature, customize map of addresses and signatures to meaningful tags, filter specific call type and expand the flow to concrete level.
The Invacation Flow shows arguments and raw data with distinctive colors, providing friendly experiences while expanding, collapsing, hovering and clicking.


You may see "Simulate This Tx" already, which is a light version of simulation module, enabling users to simulate the transaction in custom Block and Position.
For a complete version of simulator on the top right of Phalcon, users can specify the Sender, Receiver, Input Data and other information to simulate the transaction.
We also provide Transaction Simulation API that can simulate a bunch of transactions, please turn to next chapter for more details.
Now, fly with Phalcon from this transaction! If you have any question or suggestion, welcome to contact us!