BlockSec PRO Group

What is BlockSec PRO Group?

The BlockSec PRO Group is a community of blockchain professionals who are passionate about improving and promoting our products. If you're a blockchain developer, security researcher, on-chain analyst, or just someone who loves blockchain technology, we invite you to join us and make a positive impact together.


Here are some of the benefits you'll enjoy as a BlockSec PRO:

  • Early access to new features and the opportunity to provide feedback directly to our team

  • Access to the best resources and learning materials for pushing our products to their limits

  • Priority product support

  • Special AMA sessions and tech meetups with the BlockSec team

  • Direct access to core members of the BlockSec team for questions, suggestions, and more

  • Financial support/materials/product benefits to help organize online/offline promotional activities

  • Limited edition brand merchandise

  • Special discounts on our products if you meet the following requirements*


To become a BlockSec PRO, we have a few simple requirements:

  • Tell us about your favorite product features and use cases

  • Provide us with your feedback and ideas on how we can improve

  • Help spread the word about our products and influence others to use them

  • Be active in our community on social media and other platforms

If you can also meet the following requirements, that would be awesome! Show us your dedication, and we'll provide you with an exclusive product discount code.🤑

  • Create content (articles, tutorials, videos, podcast... ) that showcases our products

  • Translate our materials into your native language

  • Build a community in your city or country that promotes our products

How to Join 💙

  • Fill out the application form

  • Wait for our response via email (we typically review applications every two weeks)

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