Fund Flow Graph

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) allows users to get a crypto address's fund flow map quickly. Users can analyze high-value correlated addresses and substantial fund flows without entangling complex raw transaction data.

🙌 If you need a comprehensive fund flow analysis for a couple of addresses, try the enhanced version MetaSleuth!

Show Fund Flow Map

The fund flow map presents the most significant transactions and addresses for analysis, rather than every transaction. To access the fund flow map, you should locate the button on the address page.

The fund flow map may NOT show every transaction when addresses engage in numerous interactions. This is to maintain clarity and focus on the most relevant data for analysis. Transactions are merged on the fund flow map to provide a more streamlined view. For example, if address A sends 100 Token A to address B and then another 200 Token A to address B in two separate transactions at times A and B, the fund flow map will consolidate these into one transaction. It will display a single transfer of 300 Token A from address A to address B, with the timestamp from the first transaction, time A, on the chart.

Try this address.

For example, related addresses are shown in the fund flow map of Alameda Research, and some cross-chain transactions are also included. You can filter interested addresses and tokens (① on the following figure) by clicking and choosing on the top right corner, then get a streamlined chart like this:

Save the map

Moreover, after the analysis, you can click the download icon(② in Fig.2 ) to export the chart as an SVG/PNG file and share it with others.

Further analysis

If you need further analysis, try the enhanced version of the fund flow map, MetaSleuth!

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