User Experience Enhancement

Explain Transactions

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) offers concise and informative explanations for most transactions displayed on the Transaction Details page of Etherscan.

These explanations encompass the main actions taken and provide essential security-related information. This intelligent service, powered by GPT, serves as a valuable reference for on-chain analysis, providing insightful explanations for most transactions and enhancing your understanding of the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Try these transactions: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Use Local Time

MetaDock has another feature (It's turned off by default; you can turn it on in the settings panel) that shows the timestamp on the blockchain explorers using your local time zone rather than UTC.

Export Current Page Data

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) lets users download the current page's data as a JSON/CSV file. For example, the user can download the latest 25 transactions on this page.

Show Enhanced Copy Icon

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) helps all blockchain explorers add copy icons in some places to facilitate crypto users in conducting their own investigations and research. Try these pages: 1 2

Show NFT Floor Price

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) displays the floor price (the lowest listing price) of the NFT collection on the token page. It's an effective complementation of token info. Try this collection.

Show NFT Marketplaces

As the screenshot shows, MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) provides convenient shortcuts to major NFT marketplaces, including OpenSea, Blur, and LookRare. This significantly simplifies the process for users to trade their collections.

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) offers a shortcut to NFTGo for NFT contracts, facilitating users to conduct further research and investigation.

If you want to explore the portfolio of an address, you can click the DeBank button near the Fund Flow button.

All-in-one Dock

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) provides users with an all-in-one dock to search for ENS, address, transaction hash, and selector (function signature).

  • ENS: MetaSuites automatically resolves it and turns to the Etherscan page of the corresponding address.

  • Address: it goes to the Blockscan page of this address that lists multi-chain links.

  • Transaction hash: it redirects to the transaction page of this hash.

  • Function selector: it utilizes 4byte to retrieve the function signature.

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) allows users to launch blockchain explorers quickly. Each icon leads you to the corresponding blockchain browser.

Pin the MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) extension for more convenience.

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