Developer-Friendly Features

Query Private Variables

While the blockchain is inherently immutable and transparent, obtaining the actual state of complete contract variables remains challenging, even for developers. MetaSuites enhances the functionality of the Reading Contract Tab on blockchain explorers by enabling the query of private variables.

For example, there is a private mapping called `_holderTokens` in the BAYC contract (0xbc4ca0...a936f13d), which stores the IDs of BAYC tokens held by each address. Previously, accessing this information on blockchain explorers like Etherscan was not possible. However, with MetaSuites, you can effortlessly query and retrieve such data in the appropriate location provided.

Query Variable Logs

Variables within a contract are subject to frequent changes as the blockchain progresses. While some variables remain immutable and constant, others are often updated, creating a complex landscape for developers and onchain detectives tracing their evolution.

MetaSuites offers a solution by facilitating log queries for a specific variable within a designated time frame. This can be defined by either timestamps or block heights. The system conveniently presents the time of the update, the new value after update, and the transaction hash, all in a versatile table. Furthermore, MetaSuites provides an option to export these logs into a CSV file, allowing for deeper investigation.

Please note that you can adjust the time range from the top right corner of the interface. The system intelligently limits the scope to a feasible time period - from the contract's deployment to the present moment. Given the intricacy of some variables, the list is capped at 300 records. For more focused results, consider narrowing down the time range.

Download and View Source Code

MetaSuites allows users to easily download verified contracts' source code and ABI files. It is pretty helpful for downloading contracts with multiple files. For a proxy contract, it will download the implementation contract simultaneously.

If you want to view the project's source code directly on your browser in the VSCode style, just click View in DethCode.

Proxy Upgrade Log

There are numerous proxy contracts that can be upgraded when necessary, but they are also susceptible to exploitation by scammers. For developers and security researchers, it is highly beneficial to swiftly review the proxy upgrade log on the contract page. MetaSuites has integrated Cergyk's upgrade hub, and you can simply click on "Proxy Upgrade Log" to access a comprehensive log of typical proxy contracts.

MetaSuites allows users to easily interact with popular developer-friendly tools such as Dedaub, Phalcon, Tenderly, Forta, etc.


If you meet an unverified contract like this contract, you can push the button Decomplile in Dedaub or Decompile in to get a better understanding of the contract.

Funding Source of Contract Deployers

MetaSuites intelligently presents the funding source of contract deployment to users, offering great assistance in executing compliance-related investigations. Try this address.

Function Signatures

MetaSuites provides a more comprehensive function signature library to complement the *scan's signature parsing.

For example, MetaSuites replaces the function signature0x13d79a0b with settle, which makes more sense for users.

Transaction Explorers

If you want to dive deeply into a transaction, MetaSuites assists you with multiple shortcuts to popular transaction browsers.

  • Phalcon provides many innovative features, such as invocation flow, balance changes, and transaction simulations.

  • Transaction Tracer and Tenderly are also very useful and popular among crypto users. Top EVM-compatible blockchains are supported.

Try this transaction.

Flashbot Explorers

If you are an MEV searcher, you may be interested in the bundles in the blocks, and you can utilize Flashbots Explorer near the block height.


Forta comprises a decentralized network of independent bots that scan all transactions and block-by-block state changes for threats and anomalies. MetaSuites is strengthened by the detection support of Forta, displaying additional labels and flagging suspicious transactions.

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