Phishing Attack

Steps to be taken for phishing attack victims
If it is a phishing incident, please read carefully on this page to understand actions that need to be performed to prevent further loss.
3 Minutes Guidance After Being Phished

What should I do if my assets are stolen?

First, identify the cause and take appropriate measures to prevent further losses.
Second, attempt to recover the losses through tracking and investigation.
It is important to note that recovering losses often requires significant time and effort (and it's nearly impossible to recover funds in most cases), so it is advisable to prioritize minimizing further damage promptly.

How to avoid further losses?

If it is a case of private key compromise, it is recommended to immediately transfer the remaining assets from that address to a secure wallet on all relevant blockchains.
If it is a phishing incident, use our address security scanner to get a report of your address and actions that need to be performed to prevent further loss.

Can I recover my losses?

Recovering stolen funds is generally difficult in most cases. Here are some suggestions:
  • If you have suffered significant losses, file a report with your local law enforcement agency. You can provide them with a phishing report or fund flow chart generated by MetaSleuth to help them understand the situation you have encountered.
  • If you have an urgent need to recover stolen funds, consider seeking assistance from professional investigation agencies or firms specializing in asset recovery.
DO NOT give sensitive information like your passphrase to anyone claiming they can recover your lost funds. DO NOT trust anyone who claims to represent BlockSec to recover your loss.

What can I do with MetaSleuth?

MetaSleuth primarily assists you in two ways.
Firstly, you can use MetaSleuth to track stolen funds. If you discover that the stolen funds have entered centralized exchanges or flash exchanges, you can seek assistance from these platforms and gather evidence (usually with the help of law enforcement) to further the investigation.
Secondly, you can utilize MetaSleuth's monitoring feature to continuously monitor the stolen funds, enabling you to stay informed about the movement of funds and follow up on any leads.
Here are some contact information for exchanges (updating):