Address Labels and Compliance Score

We offer Address Label and Compliance Score APIs. Click for more information.

Address Labels

MetaSuites (Prev. MetaDock) identifies deposit addresses of CEXs, scammer and hacker addresses, and other addresses we collected and verified (especially those not tagged by the blockchain explorers). It helps users better understand the participants of transactions and track the flow of funds.

CEX Deposit Addresses

MetaSuites identifies several addresses on as Binance Wallets. This makes the identification of CEX transfers easier.

Proxy Contract Labels

For proxy contracts, MetaSuites gives you a hook to their implementation contracts in the label, which means you can click on the latter half of the label and directly turn to the implementation contract!

Other Address Labels

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Note that MetaSuites does not collect and upload users' private tags.

Address Compliance Score

MetaSuites provides the address compliance score to help estimate the likelihood of an address associated with illegal activities. Specifically, an address will fall into one of the five categories:

  • No risk: almost impossible to be related to illegal activities;

  • Low risk: the low possibility of being related to illegal activities;

  • Medium risk: the medium probability of being related to illegal activities;

  • High risk: high likelihood of being related to illegal activities;

  • Critical risk: those who are involved in illicit activities.

The compliance scores are provided for reference only and do not constitute any investment advice. Learn more about the methodology to calculate the risk scores.

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