BlockSec Documents


MetaDock provides several features to help crypto users explore blockchain smoothly.
  • One-click to show the fund flow map for an address ->​
  • Understand the risks of NFT collection with the comprehensive radar chart ->​
  • Show Enhanced address label (e.g., deposit addresses of CEX, addresses of scammers and hackers) and address compliance score, and function signature parsing ->​
  • Diagnose your approvals to vulnerable contracts and malicious EOAs ->​
  • Interact with various popular tools, such as Phalcon, DeBank, Forta, and Tenderly ->​
  • All-in-one dock for blockchain explorers where you can search in Web3 conveniently ->​
  • More user-friendly experience, such as downloading a verified contract's source code and ABI with a clear file structure, displaying timestamp in your local time zone ->​