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More User-friendly Experience

MetaDock aims to help crypto users explore blockchain smoothly with thoughtful features, such as downloading source code with a clear file structure, and showing the timestamp using your local time zone.

Download and View Source Code

MetaDock allows users to easily download source code and ABI files of the verified contracts. It is pretty helpful for downloading contracts with multiple files, which may require users to manually copy and paste many times.
View and Download Source Code
If you want to view the project's source code directly on your browser, click View in DethCode.

Use Local Time

MetaDock has another feature (off by default, you can turn it on in the settings panel) that shows the timestamp on the blockchain explorers using the local time zone rather than UTC.
Local Time

Export Current Page Data

MetaDock allows users to download current page's data as json/csv. For example, it means latest 25 transactions on this page.