NFT Risk Graph

MetaSuites provides a risk radar chart on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea, assessing three types of risks.

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On-chain Risk

It describes the risk associated with the NFT contract transparency and its deployer's anonymity.

  • Contract transparency: Whether the contract's source code is unverified or has some common vulnerabilities, including reentrancy, improper access control, etc.

  • Deployer: if the contract deployer has a low compliance score or the fund of contract creation is from an anonymous service, the corresponding NFT collection has a higher on-chain risk

Off-chain Risk

It describes the accessibility of the off-chain NFT metadata. As a significant carrier of NFT value, the NFT metadata should always be accessible, no matter where they are. If the metadata of an NFT collection (i.e., token URL) is inaccessible, the collection has a high off-chain risk.

Market Risk

It describes the risk caused by NFT liquidity. MetaSuites assesses the liquidity risk based on the recent volume and position concentration. Higher market risk represents lower volume and higher position concentration.

Supported dApps

  • OpenSea

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