🏤BlockSec App Suite

Portal of BlockSec security products and services

BlockSec App Suite is the portal of BlockSec security products and services. It can be accessed at the following URL.

The following image shows the GUI of the BlockSec App Suite.

The Main Menu is on the left of this window, and the Search Box is at the top. When clicking the main menu, the Main Panel shows the selected application. The Sign-in button is at the bottom left of the window.


  • Phalcon: The platform to monitor and block hacks (Login required)

  • Fork: Collaborative testing with mainnet forked chains (Login required)

  • Explorer: Dive into transactions to act wisely

  • Simulator: Online transaction simulation

  • Collaborators: The collaborators on the project (Login required)

  • Subscription: Plans and pricing of our products


  • Code Auditing: Request a code auditing



The search box to search transactions that will be opened in Phalcon Explorer, BlockSec documents, and contents in BlockSec blogs.

Sign In

The Sign In button to log into the BlockSec account. Some functions, including Phalcon, Fork, etc., need the user to log into the BlockSec account to continue.

After logging into the account, you will also see account settings, billing, subscription information, usage information, and the API key (for Phalcon Fork).

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