BlockSec Account

The account to access BlockSec products

BlockSec Account is the universal one used to access BlockSec products, including Phalcon, Phalcon Fork, and MetaSleuth.

Sign Up

Signing up for the account is straightforward. When the user accesses the product that requires logging in, a signup link appears on the Login page. Alternatively, the user can directly sign up using this link.

Enter the email to sign up for the account. A verification link will be sent to the email address to verify validity. The user can also sign up with a Google account.

Account Center

Account Setting

The Account Setting is used to manage the basic information of the account.

  • Basic Information

    • Account: The email address of this account

    • Alias: the account alias, which will be shown in the application.

    • Password: click to reset the password.

  • Advanced Security

    • Login 2FA verification: If this is enabled, a 2FA verification code is needed to log in to the account. The 2FA code is sent to the email address or from the authentication app (if configured).

  • Two-Factor Authentication

    • Authenticator App: Link the Authenticator App to this account, e.g., Google Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, 2FAS, or others. Click Reset Authenticator to reset the current added authenticator app.

    • Email: the email address to receive the 2FA code if the authenticator app is unlinked.


This page shows the API key used in Phalcon Fork's REST API and Phalcon Explorer's API.

Do NOT share this access key with anyone.

If you suspect your access key has been leaked, click the Reset button to reset the key.


This page provides detailed information about your subscription and allows you to upgrade it.


This page shows the billing information, payment history, and receipt.


This page shows this month's total usage of subscribed products, such as the Phalcon, Fork, and the collaboration plan.

Sign Out

Click to sign out of the current BlockSec account.

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