Fork Scan

Phalcon Fork has a built-in blockchain browser that helps developers explore and query blocks, addresses, transactions, and contracts inside a Fork.

Access Fork Scan

The quickest way to access Fork Scan is through the Fork details. Click the Scan in the Apps inside a Fork to visit Fork Scan.

Note that Fork Scan has an access control mechanism that is not accessible by members other than the Fork owners by default. The owner of a Fork can change this setting by allowing anyone to access this Fork Scan.

The following is the Scan of a Fork that's publically accessible.

In the GUI of the Fork scan, users can see the blocks, transactions, deployed contracts, and addresses with transactions inside a Fork.


Click View all transactions to see the transaction list inside the Fork.

Click the hash of the transaction to see the transaction details.

The transaction details shows the detailed information insdie a transaction, including transaction hash, timestamp, ERC-20 tokens transferred, value, transaction fee, and gas price.

Click the Phalcon button to use Phalcon Explorer to view and debug the transaction. See Phalcon Explorer's document for more information on how to use Phalcon Explorer.


Click View all contracts to see the contact list. Click the address to see detailed information about the contract.


The address page shows the assets and transactions sent (or received) from this address. If the address is a smart contract, a contract tab will be shown (as seen in the Contracts).

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