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Aggregator for Popular Tools

MetaDock allows users to easily interact with various popular tools such as Debank, Dedaub, Phalcon, Tenderly, Forta etc..


If you want to explore the portfolio of an address, you can click the DeBank button near the Fund Flow button.
The DeBank button

Contract Decompilers

If you meet an unverified contract like this contract, you can push the button Decomplile in Dedaub or Decompile in to get a better understanding of the contract.
Decompilers for unverified contracts

Transaction Explorers

If you want to dive deeply into a transaction, MetaDock assists you with multiple shortcuts to popular transaction browsers.
  • Phalcon provides many innovative features, such as invocation flow, balance changes, and transaction simulations.
  • Transaction Tracer and Tenderly are also very useful and popular among crypto users. Top EVM-compatible blockchains are supported.
Try this transaction.
Transaction Explorers

Block Explorers

If you are a MEV searcher, you may be interested in the bundles in the blocks, and you can utilize Eden Network and Flashbots Explorer near the block height.
Block Explorers


Forta comprises a decentralized network of independent bots that scan all transactions and block-by-block state changes for threats and anomalies. MetaDock is strengthened by the detection support of Forta, displaying additional labels and flagging suspicious transactions.
  • Try these links: 1 2
MetaDock displays additional labels based on Forta bots
MetaDock flags suspicious transactions based on Forta bots


For NFT contracts, MetaDock offers the shortcut to NFTGo, fascilitating users to conduct further research and investigation.