Project and Collaboration

The product in App Suite is organized by project. Users can create multiple projects in App Suite. Inside each project, users can create Forks (in Fork) or add monitors (to Phalcon). Users can add collaborators to a project, and all the resources will be shared with the collaborators.

Project List

The project list shows the current project and the list to switch to other projects. The projects are grouped by ownership, i.e., created by the user and shared by others.

The buttons to add a project and the current project setting are shown in the list.

Add a Project

Click the button to add a new project. Note that the current subscribed plan limits the number of projects that can be added.

Project Setting

Click the Setting button in the project list to configure the current project.

  • Name: change the project name.

  • Project ID: The ID of this project. This information is required in some REST APIs to manipulate the project.

  • Project Owner: the owner of this project.

  • Your Permissions: The permissions to the current project. Move to the icon to show a detailed explanation of each permission.

    • First Icon: Whether the user is the project owner., i.e., the user has permission to manage the project and change the collaborators.

    • Second Icon: Can the current user access the Phalcon product of the project? For instance, if this project is shared by another user, and the user DID not share access to the Phalcon product, then the current user cannot access the Phalcon product in this project.

    • Third Icon: Can the current user access the Fork product of this project? This is similar to the previous one.


Collaboration enables the team to work on the same project instead of creating a separate project for each user.

The owner of a project can add collaborators and share the resources inside the project. Note that all the collaborators share the quotations for the shared project (of the project creator). For instance, if user A has 10,000 simulations in Fork per month and shares a project named SAMPLE_PROJECT with user B, then user B's transactions sent in SAMPLE_PROJECT will be counted in the quotation of user A's plan. However, user B's transactions sent in his/her created projects are still counted in his/her quotation.

Click the Collaborators button to show the collaborators of the current project. By default, it will show the creator of the project.

Add Collaborator

Click the button to add a collaborator to the current project.

Enter the email to invite a user to collaborate on the current project. Our system will send an invitation to the email. The invited user can click on the link to confirm the invitation and join the project.

If you cannot invite a collaborator, check your current subscription to see whether your plan still has the seats to invite new collaborators.


These configurations control the permission of the current project with the collaborator. In particular, the current user can specify whether the invited user can manage the project and access the Phalcon product and Fork project of this project.

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