Invocation Flow

Invocation Flow displays the sequence of function calls in a transaction as a tree structure.

Each node represents a function call or event trigger and includes information such as call stack depth, call type, and call parameters. A search box and a drop-down selection box for call type and expansion are provided at the top of the module to assist users in interpreting the transaction execution flow.

Users can search for and filter desired call flow information by entering an address, function signature, or function selector in the search box. The following figure shows the result of filtering through the WETH address.

The call stack depth can be selected by the user using the drop-down selection box. The following figure shows the call flow display after selecting a call stack depth of 2.


Phalcon supports customizations to facilitate the analysis.

Custom Highlight

The address, function, and event can be highlighted with a custom color during the analysis.

Custom Label

The address, function, and event can be set with custom labels.

Custom Function Signature

For the calldata of a contract, a custom function signature can be provided to decode the calldata.

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