Phalcon Fork is designed to simulate transactions in a private testnet (named Fork) with mirrored mainnet states. It can be used in multiple scenarios, including (but not limited to):

  • Perform the (security) testing with real mainnet states when upgrading a contract, eliminating the bugs before the upgrade.

  • Create a public testing mode for the contract, letting users test run the DApp.

  • Write the PoC of security incidents.

  • Perform an attack simulation of DeFi protocols to excise the security incident response procedure.

  • Learn smart contract development.

  • ... you name it.

Start using Phalcon Fork is available at


  • Mirror mainnet states, facilitating rapid integration and debugging with other real DApps.

  • Analyze and debug transactions inside a Fork with Phalcon Explorer.

  • Collaborate with developers and DApp users during the testing procedure.

Show Cases

The following shows some cases of how Phalcon Fork can be used.



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