Create Frok

Users can generate a Fork from any block or position on the mainnet. Unlike standard testnets, this approach creates a real testing environment, reflecting mainnet states and encompassing any protocol a DApp might depend on.

  • Fork Name: Required. The name of the created Fork.

  • Network: Required. The network to create the Fork.

  • Height: Optional. The block height that the Fork will be created. The default value is the latest safe head block.

  • Position: Optional. The position in the block Height where the forked chain starts.

  • Anti-Replay Protection : Whether the anti-replay protection is enabled for this Fork.

  • Height and Position: The Height and Position affect the current block number and the next block number in the Fork. Suppose the Height is N.

    • Position : 0 means the Fork starts from position 0 of block N.

      • Current block number: N - 1

        • Next block number: N

    • Position: m (m is a non-zero value) means the Fork starts from position m in block N.

      • Current block number: N

        • Next block number: N + 1

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