Override BlockHeader

This feature temporarily overwrites the header information in the next block. This is particularly useful when a user overwrites the block number, miner (and other) information. For instance, some contract has a time lock mechanism to execute a DAO proposal. If a user wants to simulate the execution of the proposal, he/she needs to change the block number in the next block to fulfill the requirement.

We then simulate a transaction using this Fork to transfer Ether from one address to another. From the detailed information shown in the Phalcon Explorer, we can find the overwritten Block number is 17136556 and the original block number is 17136546 .

Note that the overwritten block number is only effective in one block. This means the overwritten block header is only once applied to the next block.

If you want to make the change of block number persistent, the evm_mine can be used to mint a new empty block. Also, the evm_increaseTime can be used to change the current timestamp.

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