A snapshot records the Fork's blockchain status, including simulated transactions, contracts being deployed, etc. Our system allows users to create multiple snapshots in the Fork and quickly switch between different snapshots.

The snapshot feature is particularly useful in the following two scenarios:

  • When a user wants to run a testing script multiple times, he/she can revert to the original snapshot and rerun the script

  • When a user wants to save some states and return to them later, he/she can create a snapshot and then revert to this snapshot later.


A user can create a snapshot from the Fork menu. There is a default snapshot for a Fork (with empty transactions from the forked blockchain states).

From the Fork Menu

Snapshots List

Click on Snapshots of the table menu to see the list of snapshots.

Revert to a Snapshot

API Access

The RPC method evm_snapshot and evm_revert can be used to create and revert to a snapshot.

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