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The Fork Panel of the dashboard shows fork information on the current project, the status of the Forks, and the Forks created inside this project.

Fork Status

The fork status shows the statistics of the usage of transaction simulations. It shows the usage of transaction simulations over today and the past days.

Fork List

This area shows the list of created Forks; each is shown on a card.

Create a Fork

To create a Fork, click on the Create Fork button.
  • Fork Name: Required. The name of the created Fork.
  • Network: Required. The network to create the Fork.
  • Height: Optional. The block height that the Fork will be created. The default value is the latest safe head block.
  • Position: Optional. The position in the block Height where the forked chain starts.
  • Anti-Replay Protection : Whether the anti-replay protection is enabled for this Fork.
  • Height and Position: The Height and Position affect the current block number and the next block number in the Fork. Suppose the Height is N.
    • Position : 0 means the Fork starts from position 0 of block N.
      • Current block number: N - 1
        • Next block number: N
    • Position: m (m is a non-zero value) means the Fork starts from position m in block N.
      • Current block number: N
        • Next block number: N + 1

Fork Detail

The Fork Panel is a place showing detailed information about a Fork. It shows the transactions simulated and the contracts deployed in the Fork. It also provides the functionality to manage snapshots and useful tools, such as Faucet and Scan.

Add to MetaMask

This button
is to add the Fork RPC into MetaMask. Then the user can interact with the Fork using MetaMask to simulate transactions.
Send Transaction: Send transaction through platform
Faucet: Claim free ETH
Integration: Integrate fork RPC into Hardhat & Foundry & Truffle
Scan: Explorer Basic Info of Fork
Add Snapshot: Snapshot currently states

Transaction List

This list shows the simulated transactions inside this Fork.
  • Txn Hash: The hash of the simulated transaction.
  • Method: The invoked method signature if it is a smart contract invocation.
  • Block: The block number.
  • Sent (UTC): The time of sending the simulated transaction.
  • From: The from address of the transaction.
  • To: The to address of the transactions.
  • Value: The transferred Ether in the transaction.
  • Txn Fee: The transaction fee.


The contracts show a list of created smart contracts deployed in this Fork. If the contract is verified, then the contract name, compiler, and version will be shown.
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