The Phalcon platform serves as the access portal and carrier for Phalcon applications. Currently, accessing Block and Fork requires going through the Phalcon platform. The entry point for Explorer is here for now, but it will soon be fully integrated as well.
Phalcon's applications are organized by projects. Each user can create their projects and invite other users to collaborate on these projects. After logging into the platform, the page structure is as follows:
  • Project List: Switch between different projects and create a new one.
  • Side Panel: Switch between menus
  • Main Panel: The content of the main panel provides usage and details of the functionality.
  • Account Settings: Provides changing aliases, regenerating the APIKEY, checking bills, and sign out.


Please visit here to view the details


Please visit here to view the details

Project Settings

The project name can be changed.
Project ID can be used to manipulate the project via REST APIs (e.g., delete a Project/Create a Fork in this project). Please do NOT share this ID with others.

User Setting

Click the user name on the top right to select the user's information, including Account Settings, Subscription and Billing.

Account Settings

A user can change his alias. Also, the user's Access Key can be viewed and copied here.
Do not share the Access Key with others. The Access Key can invoke the REST API to manage Projects and Forks without the username and password.
If you believe the key has been leaked, please click the Reset button to reset the key as soon as possible.


This menu shows the current subscription status.


The billing history, invoice, and receipt can be viewed and downloaded.